Our Regular Contributors

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Jaya Pathak

Jaya's experiences as a British Indian led to her developing an interest in the use of education to combat racism, discrimination and prejudice. Alongside human rights activism, she also works with a Holocaust education charity and is the co-founder/deputy editor of the youth-led initiative Yet Again UK.

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Marshall Nyanhete

Marshall is a self-taught student of psychology, hugely interested in diasporic politics and contending with the question of how we can all best function within an increasingly polarised society.



George Holt

George is a conservative councillor and deputy chairman of Dartford Conservatives. He co-founded the Young Conservative Network and has a career in financial technology. George has a passion for foreign affairs, particularly American politics and enjoys reading and walking his dogs.

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Alex Yeo
Alex is a Regular Contributor and Researcher for Demographica. He will soon be beginning a PhD at the University of Glasgow, where he previously studied an MRes in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies. His main interests are Authoritarianism and Democracy, the Former Soviet States, and International Politics.


Vicky Gill

Vicky's interest in politics grew after participating in the UK branch of the European Youth Parliament in 2018, and after doing a module on the 20th century social and political history of the UK at A-Level. She is currently studying English Literature and she likes to collect records.

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Kirsty Robson

Kirsty, who has worked in Holocaust and Genocide education and commemoration since she was 16, believes we all have a role to play in fostering a safer society for all. She has extensive experience in project management, outreach, communications and human rights activism. She is the Co-Executive Director and Head of Outreach for Yet Again and currently works in community outreach.


Evie Robinson
Evie is an English Literature undergraduate at UCL, and an avid reader and book-worm. Alongside her work in Holocaust Education, she loves to write about books as a way into better understanding current affairs and contemporary issues. She is currently serving as Publications Manager at Yet Again, and President of Pi Media, UCL’s student publication.


Daniel Horner
Daniel is a BA Modern and Contemporary History graduate from Royal
Holloway, University of London. He is 21 years old with a strong love for history and football. He is hoping to pursue a career in sports journalism after writing for his university newspaper over his last academic year.