Why are a majority of young people not interested in politics?

By Mohammed Raqeeb

Let’s start with the basics. Everyone has eyes, ears and a brain and use them for various purposes. I am sure there are some activities where these organs are used quite frequently in every individual’s life. The interests of a person are just a reflection of their perception of the world. Now, how does one perceive their world? The answer is through circumstances.

Take a dive into the lives of great humanitarians like Martin Luther King jr, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela - they have all got something in common, they have experienced social issues in their circumstances, created awareness about these issues and attempted to eliminate them. Politicians have the power to fix a majority of social issues, if not all of them.

There are three ways young people react when they read, hear or witness a social issue:

  1. No reaction, they are totally numb.

  2. Understand that this is an issue, sympathise with the situation but do not go beyond this.

  3. Decide that they are involved from now on, brainstorm ideas on how to eliminate this issue and take action.

To understand the first response you have to recognise that the biggest challenge in today’s digital world is being mindful. How mindful you are can be assessed by asking yourself a question? How much time do you spend doing mindless activities and how much time do you spend on conscious ones every single day? There is a favour I am asking you and I am sure that you are not an inconsiderate person who turns down a sincere request. I want you to do an activity at least 50 times in a single day; the number of minutes you spend completing the activity is up to you. Would you be able to do it? Irrespective of your answer, you are already doing that prescribed activity with your smartphone. How are you even able to do it? It’s all a game of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurochemical that is produced in your brain whenever you do something that feels good and this can naturally become incredibly addicting.

Whenever you experience something pleasurable, even someth