Welsh Elections 101

With less than a year to go until May 6th, you may be thinking about who you're going to be voting for.

We've already broken down the devolved elections in Scotland for you, so it's time to turn your attention to the who's who in the Welsh elections.

After a referendum the Welsh Parliament - Senedd Cymru - was set up in 1999, created to give more power to the Welsh people - everything from education and health, to transport and public services.

So how does it work?

There are 60 Members of the Senedd (MSs), 40 of whom represent individual constituencies in Wales.

Another 20 represent the five regions of Wales - South Wales East, South Wales Central, South Wales West, Mid and West Wales, and North Wales. Each of these regions has four MSs.

Voters get two ballots each. These count toward one vote for their constituency MS, and the other for a party for their region.

Who's running?

There are a fair few parties running to be elected in this year's election, but here are the biggest competitors.

Welsh Labour