Why is Trudeau so desperate for a snap election?

The political parties of Canada’s left, right, and centre may not agree on much, but they all know that an election is coming. It’s widely rumoured that Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, intends to call a snap election in the coming days This is surprising to outsiders who may remember that their last election was in late October of 2019, which saw Trudeau battle for re-election against the Conservatives’ Andrew Scheer. Trudeau may have won this battle – but he came away severely damaged; he lost the popular vote and his majority, meaning his party has been forced to operate as a minority Government ever since. Not having a majority has allowed the opposition to use the power of Parliament to embarrass and damage him by launching many investigations into the Liberal government’s behaviour & conduct.

With the polls currently giving the Liberals a comfortable lead over the Conservatives and the NDP, they’d be going into an election with almost nothing to lose and everything to gain. Before the pandemic struck, Trudeau’s approval was in the deep end, but since COVID has taken centre stage, there has been a massive spike in his popularity which cannot simply be just credited to “rally around the leader” mentality during a crisis – many world leaders have found themselves having a tough time during the pandemic at the hands of their own electorate; like we’ve seen here in the UK and in the U.S, which managed to remove a sitting President mid-pandemic.

The pandemic has played into Trudeau’s natural strengths as a calming and clear communicator. He has regularly graced the screens of Canadians to update them on the latest news of the pandemic, and devolved the responsibility of many restrictions to the provincial governments of Canada. Much anger has been directed at them – instead of the central Government. Luckily for Trudeau, many moderate Canadians feel that Trudeau has done a “good enough” job of handling the pandemic and wouldn’t want to see a change in Government until the pandemic is over.