The Russia Report: What happened and what's next?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

By Alex De Boick

So, we finally have the Russia report after a ten-month delay from the original December release date after the redaction process was completed. With this in mind, we thought we would examine what the report has said, what the reaction has been, and what will happen now.

What the report said

  • The report found no evidence of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum but argues that this is because the government was not actively looking for it.

  • The UK is ‘clearly a target’ for Russian disinformation but the issue is a ‘hot potato’ with no organisation or institution wanting to take a lead.

Reactions to the report

The report suggested that because the government was not actively looking for Russian interference, we are effectively playing catch-up on Russia - emphasised by the fact that the report has been sat on for 10 months until long after the December election and just before parliament’s summer recess. The whole affair has been mired by controversy, especially within the conservative party - Julian Lewis had the whip removed for defying instructions from the government and standing for the leadership of the committee.

The government’s reaction has been to focus on the work that they are doi