The EU is no longer in control

By Will Dinley

"The EU is becoming increasingly desperate by the day to cling onto the very little control they have left over us, when will they realise we mean business?"

The Internal Market Bill has caused a huge political earthquake, the ripples of which have been noticed across the world. The Government have admitted that using the act would break international law. The now-famous phrase ‘very specific and limited way’ has taken over from its rival ‘oven-ready’ and is being thrown around by left-leaning activists on Twitter just like its predecessor. The Bill is controversial, to say the least, but necessary to tell the EU the UK means business and isn’t prepared to accept the threatening nature of Brussels.

The way the EU has acted during these negotiations has been, to put it lightly, disgraceful. The attitude they express when dealing with matters such as fishing and state aid has been completely unheard of in any other trade negotiation. It’s as though they haven’t realised that we have new negotiators, a new government and a brand-new aim in attaining a Canadian Style Free-Trade Agreement. Why is the EU treating us differently to another sovereign nation? It’s simple: the EU is treating our vote to leave as treason to the European cause. They treat it as if we are not only leaving the EU but leaving Europe. It’s hurting them to the core as they are slowly realising the lack of control they have over us, the second largest European economy and the joint financial hub of the world. The UK leaving the EU demonstrates to the world the lack of control they have. This is why ‘control’ was such a major campaign point during the referendum.

But now, four years after we voted to leave, they are desperate to get some of that control back. In February they laid out their take on how they would negotiate with the UK. This was taken as a complete insult to the point of Brexit and was laughed at by senior Brexiteers. It would’ve been laughed out the door by any major economy trying to negotiate with this superstate. No proud state would ever negotiate away their sovereignty or judicial system for an FTA with the EU. The fact that the EU is even trying just shows how that lack of control is starting to hurt them.

European Parliament
The European Parliament

Throughout the negotiations, the EU has been as stubborn as ever. It worked with Theresa May, but it hasn’t worked with Boris Johnson. The UK has remained consistent with its demands, whereas the EU is beginning to falter. This was seen most obviously when the deadline for extending the Transition Period was passed and we didn’t extend. Barnier and his EU colleagues made many statements about their willingness to offer an extension, but we didn’t fall for their tricks. 

Now we’ve experienced how desperate the EU is to destroy the UK for their ‘treason’. They are willing to refuse to list the UK’s food and agricultural products for sale anywhere in the EU if they do not reach an agreement with us to their satisfaction. This extreme, self-defeating action would cause a tariff border down the Irish Sea, meaning Great Britain would be unable to trade with Northern Ireland and the rest of the EU. This tariff barrier would severely harm Northern Ireland, the UK and the EU. Not only is this against the ‘good faith’ section of the Withdrawal Agreement, but it’s also against Article 4 of the Northern Ireland Protocol that states “Northern Ireland is part of the customs territory of the United Kingdom.”

This blatant disregard for the Withdrawal Agreement has been seen by the Government and many others as an attack on our Union. The fact that a foreign power (that we democratically voted to leave) is even contemplating dictating the boundaries of our nation is utterly unacceptable and should never be accepted by any Prime Minister. The UK Internal Markets Bill seeks to rectify this issue. This ‘insurance policy’ protects our commitment to ‘unfettered access’ for Northern Ireland businesses to the UK internal market into law. This will protect us from the threat the EU has imposed on us, preserve the Good Friday Agreement and allow the smooth operation of the internal market as stated in the Conservative Party’s Manifesto in 2019.

"This blatant disregard for the Withdrawal Agreement has been seen by the Government and many others as an attack on our Union."

I commend our negotiating team. They have had to put up with the arrogant, bitter and distasteful attitude shown by Michel Barnier and his team. They have stood firm in the face of extreme opposition not just from the EU, but the House of Commons opposition benches as well. The controlling nature of this ‘superstate’ would’ve been tough to overcome but it has worked perfectly so far, and the voters will be pleased to see the UK Government finally standing firm on this polarising issue. 

The European Union is no longer in control of the United Kingdom. We’ve left the clan and will leave its tight grip very shortly. It's hard to imagine this grip giving way on December 31st, but it will be a welcome day as we start this brand new and exciting chapter in the United Kingdom’s history.

Will Dinley got into politics during the 2016 referendum. He is a supporter of the Johnson Government and believes passionately that Brexit is a great opportunity for the UK to thrive on the international stage. He’s a social and economic conservative, who believes in a low-tax, low-immigration society. 


Disclaimer: All views expressed in this piece belong solely to the author and do not reflect the views of Demographica as a company.

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