Six ways you are being influenced by your phone

By Mohammed Raqueeb

Smartphones have clearly revolutionized the way the world works. They have increased our ease of living drastically. While smartphones might come with an instruction manual, unfortunately, our brain does not. The brain generally prefers a trial and error method for learning. Now, with young folks using smartphones for up to ten hours every day, there is more than ever a need for education on what smartphones can do if over/misused. If people can tap into that sweet spot where they are not using their smartphone mindlessly for hours, it would be a great mix.

“Use smartphones consciously, not mindlessly”.

1. Your Smartphone Is Making You A Slave to your Thoughts

Do you presume that every thought that comes into your mind regarding something that has to be done without your phone is beneficial? Out of the total thoughts that deal with your phone, how many haven’t you done? The reality is that smartphones hold their owners so tightly that one wouldn’t even think of resisting from engaging with their smartphone. Once the thought of doing something on their smartphone occurs, the person enters into a sort of zombie mode that enables them to drop everything and turn to the closest social media platform or application.

As you are reading this article, anytime you might think of switching to YouTube, you switch to YouTube, start watching a video, see an interesting thumbnail, change the video, start checking Whatsapp and this goes on and on every single day. It is absolutely fine to be directed by your thoughts but only when your thoughts are work-oriented. Becoming a slave to your thoughts and desires by doing everything that you think is not really helpful, it just reduces you to a conscienceless and directionless person - so before you get directed by your thoughts, think if you actually need to click on that app.

In other words, we are all reinforcing instant gratification behaviour every single day and it isn’t helping. As Aristotle once said, “you are what you repeatedly do”.

2. The Notif