A great parliamentarian who loved Southend: remembering Sir David Amess

Image credit: Richard Townshend, under following terms https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en

There are so many words I could use to describe Sir David Amess. He was a friend, a mentor and a man who was no doubt compassionate about Southend.

I’ve spent my entire life with Sir David as my MP: something that I am and will forever be proud about. Over the past ten years, I’ve gotten to know him for being a kind, considerate and passionate person who cared deeply about his constituents.

I remember at the age of thirteen, I contacted his office to get his personal advice on how to win my school council election. The tips and advice were greatly appreciated, and I managed to secure a landslide victory as a direct result. It was the beginning of what I view as my showmanship skills developing, something I saw and obtained from Sir David himself over the following years. He loved a good chat with anyone about quite literally anything, whether it be at an event or even out canvassing.

I have so many fond memories that I will forever cherish. From celebrating the 2015 General Election victory with an open-top bus parade around the constituency to, most recently, attending an afternoon tea event held at our lovely Iveagh Hall on Leigh Road in the heart of Leigh-On-Sea. There was always laughter wherever he went. He brought that chemistry and uplifting morale