The Demonisation of Personal Responsibility

Mask-wearing is a highly visible and personal choice. (Credit-Wix)

In life, we accept small sacrifices to help others. This comes in the form of paying taxes, following the law and being respectful. This is the backbone of our society; it depends on the individuals' goodwill, and for hundreds of years, this has worked (most of the time). But the pandemic has changed everything – these small sacrifices have increased in scope to immense sacrifices. Some people are losing their livelihoods, their hope and, in some unfortunate cases - their lives.

At the time of publishing this, it has been 486 days since we heard the simple words "You must stay at home", and the country accepted a previously unthinkable sacrifice to their freedoms for the collective good of the country. We were told these significant restrictions were, of course, needed to protect our NHS and save lives; these restrictions would be temporary – and we would be back to normal soon enough. That was the deal that the Government finally seem to be upkeeping as restrictions eases on July 19th, now commonly referred to as "freedom day".

"If we wish to get out of this mess, we must prove that personal responsibility will triumph over invasive restrictions."

And this brings us to our divide – a divided society is never a good one, a lot of divides come from our ways of thinking, Left vs Right, Liberal vs Conservative, butter vs margarine – the list could go on. But the latest divisive debate is on the rise, mask vs mask-less. As it can be seen, this debate comes with consequences – there is no way to tell from someone's character, ethnicity or clothing whether they are Liberal or Conservative. Still, the mask debate puts the point right in front of your face