Labour has a “mountain to climb"

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

By Jack Street

A report into the reasons behind the Labour Party’s devastating defeat in the 2019 election has been released and it highlights the monumental battle Labour faces to get back into power.

Three key reasons seem to be behind Labour’s struggle to gain the trust of voters: Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and a manifesto that was seen as undeliverable.

Whilst the report outlines just how many issues there are for Labour to deal with, it also outlines problems that, over the next four years, can be solved. The party was overwhelmingly popular with those aged 18-34 and slightly more popular than the Conservatives with those aged 35-44. This provides a promising platform for the future and demonstrates that their policies clearly chimed with younger voters--this cannot be forgotten by the current Labour administration when developing the next manifesto.


The Brexit policy of a second referendum on any deal that was negotiated was obviously not good enough and did not connect with voters. Labour lost the support of 1.8 million leave voters and 950,000 votes from people that did not participate in the referendum. Whilst the Conservatives focused on this area almost entirely, Labour floundered and came across as being unclear when challenged on their Brexit position.