‘Girls Night In’: Students in the UK boycott nightlife amidst increased fears of spiking

(Image credit: Antoine J, Unsplash)

The movement entitled ‘Girls Night In’ has gained momentum across the UK, after increasing reports of spiking through injections in bars and nightclubs.

The ‘Girls Night In’ campaign has grown in scale in recent months, with branches in many university cities up and down the country. These branches are each organising boycotts of nightclubs, asking women to have a ‘night in’, in a bid to raise awareness of spiking and other forms of assault, and stand in solidarity with women affected by these issues.

One Edinburgh student spoke to The Demographica Network about why these boycotts are so vital in provoking real change for women’s safety:

“Talk to your friends and people around you, how many have been spiked? The numbers of alleged cases are ridiculously high, at least every person you speak to will either know someone who has been a victim or is one themselves. And yet a very small percentage of those cases is taken forward to the police. Spiking is not new, nor i