"Girl-bossing" My Way to Burnout

Writing lists and taking regular breaks are effective ways to look after yourself while studying (Credit- Unsplash)

“I fear I may have girl-bossed a bit too close to the sun…”; a trending self-celebratory internet phrase, is one that I think very much applies to me now that I have realised the number of commitments I have to fulfil.

The pressures of university are back in full swing and with the long summer break, the demands feel like a shock after having very little routine for such a long period of time. There is a never-ending list of reading, and that when you tick off one item on your to-do list for one module, before you know it there is another text to read for the next week, or another essay to write.

We are not designed for the pendulum swing between having swathes of time to fill with things we enjoy, and pushed in the other direction with an intense workload and timetabling every hour of the day.

The feeling of dread at the intensity of the workload and the imminent burnout is inescapable. I do things in extremes and I have learnt the hard way – repeatedly –that this is not viable.

"These unachievable, unrealistic and time-consuming expectations were so popular and desirable that everyone I knew suddenly only used pastel highlighters and spent hours making notes for a twenty minute biology test."