Can Labour be trusted?

By George Holt

"The Labour party are much more interested in appearing to be diverse for political point-scoring, rather than making meaningful change to achieve true equality."

After years of criticism and accusations of doing nothing about racism in its ranks & membership; and after defections & resignations of its own MPs citing the failure of the party to get to grips with this issue, the Equality and Human Rights Commission opened an investigation into the Labour Party to get to the bottom of the situation and has already started issuing draft recommendations to the party leader. As you may have guessed, this is the story of the Labour party and the anti-Semitic infestation that has plagued their party. The Labour party’s failure to deal with anti-Semitism has made a mockery of a once-respected party, alienated their voters, caused the defection of 10 MPs, led to the disgusting treatment of Jewish staff & members and was part of the reason the electorate castigated them in the 2019 General Election.

It is true that the Conservative Party were once planned to be reviewed too, but the EHRC dropped those plans after the party committed to an independent enquiry. It is also true that the Labour party had an “independent” enquiry in 2016. This enquiry was led by Shami Chakrabarti, who shortly after starting her enquiry, decided to join the Labour Party, then got appointed to the House of Lords and promoted to the shadow cabinet by Jeremy Corbyn. I would hardly call that independent, how could you trust a member of the shadow cabinet to lead an independent enquiry? So it’s fair to say that Labour never took the issue of anti-Semitism seriously in the Corbyn years, and we’ll have to wait and see if Sir Keir Starmer has got the guts needed to take on his own party and resolve this emetic issue once and for all.

Labour Anti-Semitism
Has Labour done enough to tackle antisemitism?

Every person with common sense believes that all people in this world should start with an equal opportunity. No matter their race or religion, it should not be a concern when considering who gets what role or job. This is a core value of the Conservative Party - they do not care about where you came from, but only where you are going. The Conservative Party has seen the creation of the UK’s most diverse cabinet ever, with Priti Patel, Rishi Sunak, Alok Sharma, Kwasi Kwarteng and Suella Braverman all being BAME.

Priti Patel Migrants

So given Dominic Raab, Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak all hold great offices of state (and are also the children of immigrants), why do those on the left insist that the Conservative Party is xenophobic? The definition of xenophobia is “the dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries” and we have already proven that the Conservative Party are more than happy to accept people of different national origins. So, what do we really think it is?

Hypocrisy is simply the name of the game for the modern left. They are keen to preach about equality but are more than happy to use shortlists to select candidates based on race, gender and beyond. The Labour party are much more interested in appearing to be diverse for political point-scoring, rather than making meaningful change to achieve true equality. After all, they are the party who still has not delivered a female leader, even though the Tories have done so twice in the past 45 years.

Misinformation is also something that has been picked up by the Labour party. After the 2017 General Election, Theresa May’s Conservative Government was voting on the Queen’s Speech, which laid out the agenda for the newly mandated Government. The Queen’s Speech is almost always passed as this gets the full support of Government MPs; when a Queen’s Speech is amended or defeated, this is considered a major Government defeat and, although not legally binding, is considered the same as losing a vote on a budget or a vote of no confidence. So, when Labour tabled an amendment to the Queen’s Speech that year, they knew it would be defeated as hundreds of years of Parliamentary Convention depended on it. This amendment was one to lift a cap on Public Sector Pay Rises, the was inevitably voted down. But this allowed the Labour Party to then circulate “Tories votes to stop public sector pay rise” on social media, and it looked like they had the votes to prove it. This cap was removed by the Government later in the year, as they had already planned but this did not stop the misinformation of the story spreading into the 2019 General Election. It is this kind of distortion of truth from the left that is eroding trust in politics.

Jeremy Corbyn Keir Starmer

But there is also a more recent example of the Labour Party spreading misinformation for their own benefit: their behaviour around the recent Fire Safety Bill. On the 14th of June 2017, a fire broke in Grenfell Tower, causing 72 deaths, over 70 injuries and cost hundreds of people their homes overnight. This is still raw in the hearts of many people across the country and is truly a tragedy; it was clear that something needed to change after this. The Grenfell Tower Inquiry is still ongoing and has started sharing recommendations about where to go from here. On the 7th of September 2020, a vote was taken on the Fire Safety Bill. Despite the Government already being committed to implementing the recommendations from the first phase of the Inquiry, the Labour party tabled an amendment to essentially nullify the ongoing the consultation for the recommendations and attempt to implement them all immediately. Like the earlier example, they knew this amendment would be defeated. But this amendment was also dangerous; without consultation for the recommendations, it would have been much harder to implement the reforms recommended. Labour knowingly put their own political gain ahead of people’s safety. This act from Keir Starmer is one of the most revolting examples of politicking done in recent parliamentary history. As you guessed, not long after this vote many Labour MPs, local parties and their associated acts took to social media to spread this vile misrepresentation of the truth.

In conclusion, the Labour Party won’t shy away from bullying those that oppose them, hypocritically calling out others for something that they partake in and spreading misinformation in order to swing hearts & minds their way and erode trust in the Government. I encourage everyone to call out this malice and misinformation wherever they see it. The next time Labour tells you something the Tories have done, you should think twice about whether they are really telling you the whole story.


Disclaimer: All views expressed in this piece belong solely to the author and do not reflect the views of Demographica as a company.

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