Who is Ilham Aliyev?: Power, Propaganda and Pandora


Another recent leak of secret financial information about the world’s rich and powerful, dubbed the Pandora Papers, is the largest of its kind thus far. It is truly global, covering the corrupt practices from celebrities, to oligarchs, to royalty.

One area of scrutiny was the London property market, and the world leaders who are buying some of the most expensive houses in the city. Among others, including Abdullah II of Jordan, one name that appeared over and over again in the reports was that of Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan.

You may not have heard of Aliyev before, or maybe only know his name. However, Aliyev is one of the most powerful people on the planet - not in the fact that Azerbaijan is a major world power, it isn’t, but the degree of power he personally holds over Azerbaijan is, simply, staggering.

So who is Ilham Aliyev? How did he get to where he is? And what can his rule teach us about power and those who wield it?

The Kings of Azerbaijan