A New Era for the Electorate

The 2024 election must be Labour’s new approach and should be a combination of 1997 and 1945.

In 1997, Tony Blair proclaimed, “A new dawn has broken, has it not?” Change was in the air and people were ready for something new and different to what they had previously experienced in their lives politically.

Labour won a 179-seat majority over the Conservatives that year. A truly incredible feat, and as a passionate Labour member; this is the stuff of political dreams.

In 1945, people were ready for change and this was reflected in the final result, which saw Labour gain a parliamentary majority of 180 seats and 47.8% of the vote.

Do you see the link between these two, vastly different, general elections?

People were ready for something different; and in what I hope will soon be a post Covid society, I think it is a reasonable and reflective judgment to say that change is once again on people’s agendas.