A New Era for the Electorate

The 2024 election must be Labour’s new approach and should be a combination of 1997 and 1945.

In 1997, Tony Blair proclaimed, “A new dawn has broken, has it not?” Change was in the air and people were ready for something new and different to what they had previously experienced in their lives politically.

Labour won a 179-seat majority over the Conservatives that year. A truly incredible feat, and as a passionate Labour member; this is the stuff of political dreams.

In 1945, people were ready for change and this was reflected in the final result, which saw Labour gain a parliamentary majority of 180 seats and 47.8% of the vote.

Do you see the link between these two, vastly different, general elections?

People were ready for something different; and in what I hope will soon be a post Covid society, I think it is a reasonable and reflective judgment to say that change is once again on people’s agendas.

Credit - Steve Houghton-Burnett, Unsplash

The pandemic has laid bare the inequalities and issues that exist in our society and just how common they are in our daily lives. From the A-level fiasco, to the free school meals and underfunding of vital public services.

We need to ask ourselves - do we really want to go back to this at the end of the pandemic?

For me, and many others, the answer is a resounding no. We must work together to create a society where respect, tolerance and equality are the orders of the day, and where a young person's future relies not on their schooling or background, but on their work ethic and abilities.

A future where the incredible key workers, who have been risking their lives to provide healthcare, food and other essential services, are given the respect they deserve through a pay rise and better working conditions.

We must look to help everyone in society, regardless of background, through the much-needed funding to our essential public services, such as the NHS, the welfare system and the education system.

With these systems rejuvenated after austerity measures and underfunding by the Conservative government, we could provide the answer to the problems heightened by this pandemic and ensure everyone is looked after in their time of need.

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This is why Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour party, must combine the ruthlessness of the 1997 general election-winning machine, and the boldness of the post-war Attlee Labour Party, to create a campaign and manifesto that provides hope to many who have lost so much in this pandemic.

It cannot just promise to help in an essential way, as a government should do, but also aid people in achieving the better future that they deserve. This will be especially important for young voters, many of whom have lost jobs and future prospects as a result of the pandemic, and will need to feel like they can once again dream and aspire, safe in the knowledge that their hard work will lead to a successful and fruitful life as they grow older.

In my opinion, this combination of prosperity, equality and fairness will create a winning formula for Sir Keir and the Labour Party, as they seek to overcome the odds and deliver what would be a truly stunning General Election victory in 2024.

Sir Keir made an excellent start of recognising that there is a mood and willingness among the British people for change and to do things differently.

This should allow him, over the next three years, to chart a course for electoral victory by putting together a manifesto that combines the needs of the country regarding hope and prosperity. As well as producing a campaign that will reflect these principles, so people can get behind Labour as a force for good.

We must once again become able to recognise a party that genuinely cares about everyone, and by doing all this I truly believe that labour will become the natural political party of many in this country. Not only capable of repeating the 3 wins in a row under Blair - but exceeding it.

This new era could not sound better to me.

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